Full Screen Sliding

Included standard with Camyno

This page was built using the included page builder

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Full Screen Sliders

Page can slide horizontally & vertically

Complete Control

Using the included page builder you can create any number of sections, and fill each one with any content you want.

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Custom Backgrounds

Each full  screen section can use the default background, have a custom image, or use a custom solid color.

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Header Transparency

Header transparency can be turned on/off for each page,depending on the type of content you will be filling the page with.

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Fully Responsive

Full Screen page sliding works great on all devices, it will even recognize and react to touch screen gestures such as swiping.

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Any Content

Building a full screen sliding page is exactly like building any other page, so each section can contain any content.

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Color Schemes

Camyno includes a color scheme builder which works harmoniously with full screen sliding to divide your sections.

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